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USS Zavala Crew muster

This is our standard monthly meeting for the USS ZAVALA.

This will be held at Cafe Express on West Grey in Houston.

Meeting Agenda
1) Call to order/Roll call
2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
5) Reports of Senior Officers
6) Reports of Junior Officers
7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes
8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes
10) Old business
11) New business
12) Announcement of next meeting
13) Adjournment

Sun Mar 24, 2013 2pm – 6pm Central Time
Coffee Oasis, 4650 NASA Rd. 1, Seabrook, TX (map)
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