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Symbolic Systems Forum: Matthew Jockers, English Department - A Voice in the Archive: Macroanalysis and the 19th-Century Irish Novel in English

Symbolic Systems Forum
Title: A Voice in the Archive: Macroanalysis and the 19th-Century Irish Novel in English
Speaker: Matthew Jockers, English Department
Date: Monday, May 7
Time: 12:15 pm - 1:05 pm
Location: Bldg 460, Room 126 (Margaret Jacks Hall)

Dr. Jockers leverages text and data mining techniques to discuss how and why the 19th-century Irish novel (in English) is distinct from the British and American novel of the same period. In doing so he grapples with several current theories about the Irish novel and its relationship, for better or for worse, to the English realist novel of the same period. In doing so, Jockers catalogs a number of specifically Irish habits of style and theme and discusses how an Irish voice can be detected and heard amid a cacophony of 3500 Irish, British, and American novels from the period.

Matthew Jockers splits his time between Humanities Computing and Irish Studies.

Much of his current work involves what he calls "macroanalysis," a sort of computer based text analysis designed for exploring large collections of literature. The approach has much in common with corpus linguistics and borrows from data-mining, but Jockers maintains a clear focus on how the approach can help us explore and answer literary questions.

In Irish Studies, Jockers focuses on Irish-American fiction and is interested in the largely forgotten stories of Irish-Americans in the West. Recent publications include an essay profiling Kansas-Irish author Charles Driscoll and a survey of Irish-American literature in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jockers's database of Irish-American fiction is hosted by the Western Institute of Irish Studies

In 2006-2007 Jockers was in residence at the Stanford Humanities Center as Research Scholar in the Digital Humanities.

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Mon May 7, 2012 7:15pm – 8:05pm GMT (no daylight saving)
Bldg 460, Room 126 (Margaret Jacks Hall) (map)