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Emergency Database Maintenance, 2011-03-06

We have identified an issue with our primary database system that means that we need to temporarily take it offline. We have both an active and a standby server, with data being replicated from the active to the standby. However, some of the data on the standby server have become corrupted, and we have determined that the best way to fix this data is to temporarily shut down the active server and fully resync the standby.

We will perform this maintenance at around 1000hrs UTC on Sunday, March 6 (this sunday). During this period, registry services such as EPP, Toolkit, WHOIS and the Registrar Console will be unavailable. DNS service will not be affected. We estimate that it will take between 20-40 minutes to complete this work.

We will notify registrars by email immediately prior to the commencement of maintenance work, and again shortly after it has been completed.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Sun Mar 6, 2011 10am – 10:40am GMT (no daylight saving)