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Virtual Birth Social
Birth Support, Perinatal Choices, Home Birth, Birth Stories - and everything related to normalizing birth.
1st Monday of even months @ 8pm EST (every other month: Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec...etc.)
(May increase frequency as needed/as we grow)

Go here to register (so you can get the login details...etc.)

We will have a "presenter" at each meeting to start the discussion, but welcome open conversation.

Full details at:

If YOU are interested in presenting/hosting an EB Birthinar, please e-mail (Esali Birth Perinatal Educators get first pick - but we welcome experienced birthers and birth professionals from all areas/groups to help make this happen)

This is a SAFE place.
We support the Trust Birth beliefs.
You CAN support people without supporting their decisions.
This is a place where birth stories (from all walks of life) are shared. Some decisions and perspectives will differ from yours.

Hurtful comments will ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED!

Keep in mind this is a social/support type atmosphere where many topics will be discussed. Just as you would use any other information as one step in your informed decisions process, always research the information you've obtained from all sources so you can make responsible, and complete, informed decisions for your specific situation.

Thank you so much for joining us and helping to normalize the birth process.

Tue Aug 7, 2012 12am – 1am GMT (no daylight saving)
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