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Home Ec: The Holidays

18 Reasons
Sundays, October 28+November 4, Monday November 5
Home Ec: The Holidays
$290 for 18 Reasons members; $325 for the general public

18 Reasons presents a special Holiday series of Home Ec classes, Bay Area chef Samin Nosrat's cooking school designed to develop a deeper understanding of the basic elements of cooking: acid, salt, fat, and heat. This series is a response to your requests to learn more, make lasting relationships, and make a difference by cooking. Join us!

The series will meet three evenings in October and November. Each class includes hands-on cooking lessons, lecture and conversation, tasting, dinner, and a glass of wine.

Dates and Topics:
October 28, 4-8PM: Salt: Considering the Thanksgiving turkey and holiday meats, starches and vegetables
November 4, 4-8PM: Heat: Using the right temperature to cook food properly and achieve tenderness and crispness
November 5, 6-9PM: Fat & Acid: Balancing richness and brightness on the holiday table

As a teacher of both professional and home cooks, Samin's goal is to give people the tools to become intuitive cooks and free them from the reigns of cookbooks, recipes, and measuring implements by helping them refine their palates, sensitivity in the kitchen, and understanding of basic kitchen science.

The series is designed as an immersion and elements of each class will interplay with the others to help give students a comprehensive understanding of cooking, and at the end of the series you will have the knowledge necessary to be a skillful home cook and produce unforgettably delicious holiday meals with confidence.

Each class shares a basic structure. Samin will begin by discussing the functions, basic science, and effects on taste in a dish of that class's element. You'll taste and discuss thoughtfully in an effort to give your palates a bit of contextual understanding. Because we believe so strongly in the power of experience, you'll get a chance to put your new skills to use as we all cook dinner together with the concepts of the day in mind.

You'll leave empowered and inspired to return to the kitchen, ready to practice your skills, refine your knowledge, and looking at food with a whole new perspective.

Mon Nov 5, 2012 12am – 4am GMT (no daylight saving)