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March and Table vs. TPP @ Veggie Pride Parade

Join TradeJustice member group Global Justice for Animal and the Environment at this massive vegetarian community event to raise awareness on the connection between free trade agreements like TPP, the global expansion of inhumane and polluting factory farm agriculture; climate change; rising consumption of animal products and increased rates of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases associated with Western diets in the developing world; and "NAFTA flu" and other dangerous diseases spread by factory farm globalization.

We'll meet at the Apple Store at 10:30 at 9th Avenue and 14th Street to distribute signs and leaflets on the free trade-factory farm connection. At 11AM we'll walk to the starting point of the parade - 9th Avenue & Gansevoort, New York. The parade launches at 12 Noon. At 12:45 PM as the parade ends and becomes a festival, we'll run an info booth at the north end of Union Sq. Park until 5PM, where marchers will be gathered to hear speakers, watch performances, and visit ours and many other information booths, food vendors, etc.

Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:30am – 5pm Eastern Time
10:30 - in front of Apple Store, 9th Ave and 14th. 11AM join parade @ 9th Avenue & Gansevoort. Around Noon - table at north side of Union Square. (map)