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High Noon Luncheon

Experiential Encounters: An Evolving Program for Peer Tutor Training

Presented by Jim Shinkle and Friends

Peer tutors play an important role in providing academic support within post-secondary courses and programs, often effecting gains in student retention, academic performance, self-concept, and cooperation. In this lunch session, we discuss the evolving role of HHMI/University Science peer tutors at Trinity University and our initial work with the Collaborative to develop an ongoing program of pre-professional training and support for these students. In doing so, we will share the needs, aspirations, and experience as expressed by our tutors during informal interviews this year. It is our hope that this session will generate ideas and suggestions to better articulate the presence, value, and impact of peer tutoring programs at Trinity, while exploring opportunities to further professionalize our tutor’s experience.

Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:30pm – 6pm GMT (no daylight saving)