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Recognizing Learning Styles - Tisch 5-30

People learn in different ways. There are variety of teaching and study approaches that can appeal to specific learning preferences for aural, visual, and written communication. Understanding how you learn aids in developing appropriate study strategies. A person’s intelligence strength can help determine his/her preferred learning style, work style and natural strengths. Understanding how you and others learn is a critical competency for teachers, trainers, educators, and anyone interested in helping others learn. This workshop is targeted at adult learners working in a professional setting. During the workshop, participants will take two assessments of their learning style preferences and their intelligence strengths. These intakes are intended to serve as the basis for discussion.

The workshop format:

There will be 3 mini-lecture presentations on the following topics: 1) learning styles 2) intelligence types 3) developing materials / activities/ training that targets the preferred learning style. The mini-lectures are designed in multiple formats to illustrate how some formats appeal to certain types of learners. The session will conclude with a case study scenario that the participants will be asked to discuss in group and present their conclusions.

Workshop Takeaways:

- Apply strategies learned and identify materials appropriate for each type of learner;
- Recognize the differences in learning styles;
- Understand the different types of learning styles;
- Experience assessing and recognizing your own learning styles in comparison to others;
- Participate in learning styles assessment measures;
- Identify the the appropriate teaching and learning materials appropriate for intelligence type and learning style.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants. A light lunch will be served.

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Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern Time
Tisch 5-30 (IT Conference Room) (map)