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The Use of Water in Labor and Birth

For millennia, humans have sought out natural springs and pools of water for wellness, muscle recovery and relaxation. Women are encouraged to labor in water to ease contractions and to help center their minds on the work of natural childbirth. New Birth Company's birth suites each have tubs for hydrotherapy and can enable water birth. This class is for Moms and 1 guest (Mom's coach/partner is recommended). Objectives for this class are: 1) The basics of hydrotherapy 2) Water birth realities and perceptions and 3) Common positions for labor and birth in the water 4) How to best work with your Midwife for safety and comfort. Class includes a copy of "Incredible Birth Day: Music to Guide you through birth" . New Birth Company and Rhythmic Medicine partnered to bring you soothing music and guided imagery for an incredible birth day. Clients seeking to labor in water or enable water birth are required to attend this class and sign a disclosure and waiver. Attendance at Childbirth Education (Signs and stages of Labor) is required as a prerequisite to this class. Registration fee includes one participant and one support person After adding in participant information, please select Save and Add Another Participant, so that both names are registered.
Sat Jun 30, 2012 3pm – 4:30pm GMT (no daylight saving)