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Lecture: 'From Past to Future: The Marriage of Alaska Native Teachings and Anthropology' with Dr. Rosita Worl, Gordon Pullar and Phyllis Fast

Dr. Rosita Worl, Dr. Gordon Pullar and Dr. Phyllis Fast present “From Past to Future, the Marriage of Alaska Native Teachings and Anthropology”

How the field of Anthropology translates, protects and enhances Alaska Native Teachings and the difficulties arising from colliding world views are the themes of this event. (Some examples of contrary perspectives that may be discussed are: Family and social identity/DNA research; Oral teachings and lineage/video and sound recordings; Subsistence lifestyle/ individual quota systems; Cultural and intellectual property/museum exhibitions.)

For more information contact Rachel Epstein at or 786-4782. This event is free, open to the public, with free parking in the South Lot, the lot just across from the bookstore.

Mon Oct 8, 2012 5pm – 7pm Alaska Time
UAA Campus Bookstore - 2901 Spirit Way Anchorage, AK 99508 (map)