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Guitar 101 with madstringer

Ever wanted to learn how to play guitar but never had the money for
lessons or didn't know where to start? No more excuses - Denhac member
Jason Simons will be giving an introductory guitar class at Denhac on
December 8th. He will be going over a quick history of the guitar, the
explanation of its parts and uses, and a primer on music theory and how
to start playing the guitar. You will learn simple major keys, major and
minor chords, and some technique. If there's additional interest, Jason
will give free guitar lessons on a yet-to-be-determined basis.

If you have a guitar that's been laying around the house gathering dust,
clean it up and bring it! There will be 3 or 4 guitars for people to use
during the class, but there won't be enough for everyone (hopefully).

1. Explanation of the instrument
a. origins
b. different uses today
c. differences between electric and dreadnought (steel
string)/classical acoustic and hybrids

2. Parts of the guitar & care/maintenance
a. headstock
b. neck & truss rod
c. soundboard (front)
d. bracing
e. nut
f. saddle
g. tuning hardware (machine heads)
h. bridge & pins
i. fingerboard
j. frets
k. soundhole & pickguard
l. body
m. misc.

3. Explanation of keys/basic music theory
a. Notes on a guitar (steps, half-steps, fifths, etc)
b. major and minor keys
c. steps and sharps/flats
d. easy way to figure out notes in a major key

4. Major and minor chords and how to play them
a. Tabs and how to read tabbed chords
b. A-G Major
c. A-G Minor
d. Putting a simple song together

5. Questions

Sat Dec 8, 2012 7pm – 10pm GMT (no daylight saving)