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UCSF-UCB JMP Medical Students and one Attending Physician are available weekly for medical examinations, diagnoses, prescriptions, physicals, and other services. STD/STI Testing, Mental Health, and lab testing such as blood cultures, urinalysis, etc. are not offered. For example, they can take out stitches, examine possibly broken bones, and provide consultations (and a limited amount of medication) concerning rashes, infections, flus, asthmas, colds, and sprains. They do not have powerful painkillers, cannot do papsmears, cannot do anything about broken bones, and cannot put in stitches. Referrals to other medical clinics are offered through our Continuity of Care Advocate (CoCA) volunteers. Intake and Triage begins at 6:30PM and service is offered 7:00-9:00PM. All medicine, even over the counter medicine, cannot be given out by the Medical Service without the client seeing the doctors. Prescriptions are not kept on file. Medical students take a patient history of the client with the caseworker present and then the medical student presents the case to the physician.

Clients are not seen on a first come, first served basis- they are triaged by a medical student, so they are seen based on both a) the severity of their case in comparison to other clients and b) how much the medical service will actually benefit them. We see about six-eight clients a night.

We also offer flu shots (seasonally) and skin PPDs, which are given at clinic on Tuesday nights but read at Berkeley Free Clinic (BFC)

--Intake begins 6:30PM: Please take a seat by the ramp and wait to sign up with Clinic Coordinator.
--Triage with Medical Student: in gym
--Assignment to volunteer caseworker

Tue Mar 13, 2012
General Clinic (map)