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OLA Facilitation Meeting

1. Be horizontal, participatory, open, democratic and transparent.

Facilitation has a consented upon a proposal which ensures moderators and facilitators must rotate every three General Assemblies. We hold open meetings at the same time every week, again with rotating facilitation, working within our GA approved process. We keep minutes and a record for all Facilitation meetings, as well as for General Assembly. Our General Assembly minutes are here and our Facilitation Committee minutes are here.

2. Have a hard function

Facilitation handles all proposals, GA facilitation and creates an agenda every evening for the GA, while also striving to practice progressive stack in order to include, and make welcome, marginalized voices in our decision making. We hold regular workshops in order to train all those who are interested in our consensus process, and our committee ensures the team serving the GA is well trained, impartial, comfortable with the democratic process, and rotated regularly.

3. Provide a mission statement.

Our mission is to deliberate, discuss, and use collective thought in the facilitation of open, participatory General Assemblies which work on a horizontal, transparent consensus model. We are continually working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of process while striving for more inclusiveness, as we stand in solidarity with all of our sisters and brothers in the Occupy movement. We provide advice to new assemblies, analyze the process of collective decision making, and create working models for building consensus. We are open to all, and have no leadership

Mon Jul 2, 2012 5:45pm – 7:30pm Pacific Time
Cabbage Patch Restaurant, 520 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA (map)