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Lecture: Mbaye Lo & Cairo 2012 "Witnessing History: Duke Students Reflect on Egyptian Runoff"

Please join us for our next Wednesday at the Center, featuring Mbaye Lo & Cairo 2012 Students, who will be discussing their experience with the Egyptian Elections on Jan 30 at 12pm in Franklin Center room 240. A light lunch will be provided.

DukeEngage Cairo 2012 students witnessed the run-off elections between the current Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi and the former Primer Minister of President Husni Mubrak, Ahmed Shafik. This was the first free and fair election in the history of Egypt. It was historic in its uniqueness, political anxiety and end result. This panel of DukeEngagers will revisit and share their unique experience regarding the elections
Wed Jan 30, 2013 5pm – 6pm GMT (no daylight saving)
Franklin Center Room 240 (map)