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Video Game Rescue

Video Game Rescue, an informative online video blog started in 2011, is moderated by Dustin Gartenbush of Jacksonville, Florida. An entrepreneur and video game enthusiast, Gartenbush has been interested in video games long before the birth of Generation Y. His passion for gaming is not limited to consoles and new age applications, but retro systems like Atari, NES and Sega as well. Gartenbush shares his knowledge and ideas in five weekly blogs, each with a different theme regarding the gaming world. Each video explores topics such as a retro “Find of the Week” and numerous gaming “cheat codes.”

Check out the store at: 614 Pecan Park RD Booth B110 Jacksonville, Fl 32218


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Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:30am – 1am GMT (no daylight saving)
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