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'Global Seafood Markets in 2030' with fisheries economist Frank Asche

Come to ISER and hear Frank Asche, a well-known fisheries economist from Norway, talk about how he sees the global seafood markets of the future in a talk titled "Global Seafood Markets in 2030: Dominated by Aquaculture, with Wild Fish as Niche Market Products?"

For a long time, wild fisheries have been the world’s last significant hunting industry. But an increasing number of seafood species are now being farmed for commercial production. World seafood markets are in rapid transition, as knowledge from agriculture is used to enhance the competitiveness of aquaculture products throughout the supply chain. These changes, led by farmed salmon, are likely to influence all parts of the seafood market, creating opportunities and challenges for coastal communities—as well as the world’s fishing industries.

The Diplomacy Building is at 4500 Diplomacy Drive, at the corner of Tudor Road and Tudor
Centre Drive. Parking is free. Call (907) 786-7710 if you need directions.

Fri Oct 26, 2012 12pm – 1pm Alaska Time
Diplomacy Building, Fifth Floor, Conference Room (4500 Diplomacy Drive) (map)