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Triune - Co-Creator Radio Network with Sheila Applegate

TRIUNE Spirituality ~ The New Reality

With hosts: Sheila Applegate, Ken Stone, & Meagan O'Nan

Making Spirituality our new reality
through Vision, Healing, and Integration

TRIUNE introduces a paradigm that may be new to some and just a reminder to others. Spirituality is the new reality. We must be willing to look at every component of our spiritual selves and find a way to incorporate our dreams, passions, and desires into our “reality.” Through vision, we gain clarity that directs us toward our purpose on this earth. Through healing, we experience a deeper acceptance of who we are and the path we are walking. And through integration, we bring all of these components together in practical, everyday steps, making heaven on earth a reality.

Sheila, Ken, and Meagan, a visionary trio, have been brought together by Spirit as TRIUNE to bring forward to the world this new idea of embodying vision, healing, and integration. They do this not only with their dynamic message but by their personification of these three concepts as visionary, healer, and integration coach. TRIUNE represents the spirituality of NOW. By living compassionately from their authentic selves, Sheila, Ken, and Meagan offer humanity tools to make this happen.

Vision: Sheila Applegate, MSW, internationally renowned spiritual seer, healer and teacher, is a high-level intuitive and clairvoyant who describes guides, people, and situations with astonishing detail and accuracy. She has the gift of being able to clearly see the guides, angels, and ascended masters of her clients and facilitates communication between them and her clients, lovingly providing information about their spiritual progress, relationships, and other practical, everyday issues from a higher perspective.

Healing: Ken Stone, intuitive and spiritual healer, brings a rare and powerful gift to the world through his ability to allow Spirit to heal others through him. Ken has been called by Spirit in a direct and powerful way to work with people both as individuals and in groups to “tune” them in to their more natural, spiritually aligned state. He works at a deeply intuitive level, channeling healing differently for each person he works with.

Integration: Meagan O'Nan, MA, MS, pioneer in the field of personal integration coaching, consciously directs her clients towards bringing together the ethereal world of Spirit and the grounded realities of everyday life. Author of the award-winning "Creating Your Heaven on Earth,” Meagan's passion is to help people commit their dreams to reality in steps that are sensible, practical, and real for them. She encourages her clients to embrace their own power and pushes them gently and yet firmly to employ their spiritual strengths in creating the reality of their dreams.

Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:30pm – 7:30pm GMT (no daylight saving)
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