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Winter Weather Residence Course - MSC/COMET

Start Time: 8AM MT 10/22/12.

The annual MSC/COMET Winter Weather
Residence Course in Boulder, CO provides
an opportunity for forecasters to learn more
about current trends and techniques in winter
weather forecasting. The main focus is winter
season significant weather, from the synoptic
scale to the mesoscale. The ultimate goal of
the course is to increase understanding of
phenomena and atmospheric processes
associated with winter weather. Equally
important, it is desired that students retain
this knowledge, apply it, and share it with
fellow forecasters after the course. To further
enable this knowledge transfer, the course is
organized so that much of the lecture
material will be available for use in local
offices as PowerPoint presentations and
web-based modules.

A mix of both lectures and labs are used in
the course. Topics covered range from
foundational material to specific applications
of winter weather forecast techniques. Topics
include quasi-geostrophic theory, structure of
wintertime cyclones, NWP at various scales,
ensemble prediction, forecasting precipitation
type, weather radar - wintertime applications,
satellite applications, lake/ocean-effect snow,
snowfall forecasting, and orographic

Mon Oct 22 – Fri Nov 2, 2012
3450 Mitchell Ln, Boulder, CO (map)