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Colloquia with Prof. Joe Fox, University of Delaware

“Trans-cycloalkenes: tools for synthesis, biology, and materials science”

Trans-Cycloalkenes have a rich physical organic chemistry, but until recently
their practical applications in synthesis, biology and materials science had been limited.
This seminar will describe the use of a unique flow photochemical reactor to
enable the first general syntheses of trans-cyclooctenes and trans-cycloheptenes, with
an overview of methods for controlling planar chirality through substrate and catalyst
control. Methods for the synthesis of heteroatom-containing trans-cycloalkenes
will be described, as will methods for transannulation to provide access to natural
products. Finally, applications of trans-cycloalkenes in bioconjugation will be
described, with an emphasis on the use of computational tools to improve reactivity.

Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:15pm – 5:30pm Central Time
5211 SC (map)